Dear Two Views,


I stumbled across my husband's personal journal/diary and found something really offensive that he had written. There have been entries about me, and how he feels about me (not good) and how he's thinking of leaving - but this was the worst! It was a totally sexist and disgusting reference to women and their body parts. I can't repeat it because it is too offensive! We both attend church every Sunday, I thought he was a really decent and respectible guy - we also have a 4 year old daughter(!) and an 18 month old son. I am floored by what he has written.

The problem is; should I confront him with it and thus admit that I read his diary, or should I try to find another way to approach the situation. He is super sensitive, and I know that if I tell him I read his diary, that will become the issue, not what he wrote - and I'm not really in a situation (financial or physical) to look after my two children alone at the moment. But then how can I live with a man who has such disgusting thoughts and attitudes towards women?

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