Dear Two Views,

Well it all started when my wife joined the USAF in Feb. 3, 1999. Things where ok at the time when she went in but they got worse after she grad. from basic in Tx. She then went to Ms for Tech school. I ad a feeling things where going on there. And then she got stationed in Aviano, Italy. The plans where that she got there fund a place then my 4yr. old son and I would follow. When it didn't work that way, she told me she wanted me to make more money before I came over, I said ok. Then 2 weeks later she tells me she wants out, and the only way for her to get out was to give her a divorce and custody over a son, she said after she got out we would get remarried, well its been since July since she started the divorce and I went to court on Oct. 12, 1999, it took 5 ins and it was over. Well she tells me since that she doesn't know if she loves me enough for her to come back, and then a while after that she sends me a e-mail telling me that she wants to get back together. and if that wasn't enough last week she sent me a e-mail telling me that she was seeing some guy and she had sex with him " only once she tells me and with a rubber " and she got knocked-up. My question is what should I do, take her back, she is getting a abortion, or should I tell her to take a hike......

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