Dear Two Views,

after 9 years of marige i came home to my wife having left without a word and nothing seemed wrong or out of place she returned late the next day stating she needs space and she feels smotherd a week before i was invited to awedding i coulnt go but istopped in to cogratulate the bride and groom a friend of hers said whats your wife doing with 24 year old guy shes45 i asked her she said that shes not with him she went with another couple ask then welli did aweek later and she was with him and a nother co worker a week later shes gone 2weeks later her rings are off and wants adivorce but said shes not haveing an affair she doesnt love me any more at therapy and wants an apt weve since have bolth attempted suicide at differnt times all i get is its stuff thats why i left but no clue as to what stuff is any advice to get some may be reconciling stratagys from a womans view

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