Dear Two Views,

I am married to a guy who I can't do anything right. If I do anything it is wrong (i.e., I made dinner the other night, I was waiting for him to come upstairs, while waiting the cheese on top of the shrimp parm. got a little brown. He rolled his eyes and deep breaths.) He never talks to his children he yells. They are 3 and 5 and he treats them as they are 15 and 20. He talks to my children and if they do not answer quickly enough then he ignores them. Like today, he asked if they wanted pancakes for breakfast, they didn't answer in a split second and then I told them to answer there father -- then he got mad and said that I coach them and that they can't answer him unless I tell them too. It is just that I know that if they don't answer quickly as expected that he will get mad.

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