Dear Two Views,

hello, i am a 17 year old girl. this summer i "went out" with a guy that I have known all my life. he is 20. this relationship took place at a family place where both our families go every summer. everyone there knows each other. this guy, "N", has always been a player, but for some reason I fell into that trap and was swept away with his sweet and romantic personality. the age difference was not a problem at all. this went on for about two months, until we had to go home and back to school. he goes to school across the country which is just fine with me. the three weeks after we said goodbye to each other we talked everyday on the telephone. now he is at college. i do not want to "be" with him anymore and I really don't thinks that he wants to "be" with me anymore....I have told him that. But, still I get emails from him saying he is so sorry he has not been keeping in touch better and he is really sorry and he misses me and thinks about me all the time. yeah right! because at the same time, i hear from my friends that he has been "hooking up" with his ex-girlfriend and other girls....the latest is he has three or four girls to "choose" from. but, he never mentions this to me. he only tells me he misses me and asks me if I have any boys on my screen. i tell him that yes, I do, because I do. but why does he feel that he can tell everyone else about "hooking up" with these girls and not tell me? i really wouldn't care. should I tell him that i hear all about his life from everyone else so why doesn't he just tell me? please get back to me as soon as you can so that i can get this all cleared up. thanks a lot!

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