Dear Two Views,

I am in my first very serious relationship since I was divorced in the early 90's. I find that I'm am tense whenever she mentions another guy at her office, at her lunches, or even the fact that she might be spending the weekend with a female friend. My stomach turns over and I feel sick whenever she can't see me because of some other plans. I feel like a child. She often senses there is a problem and I've expressed that I might need help with some of my insecurities. She is very willing to help, but I'm embarrassed at the way I feel. What are some things I can do to become more secure. I can't even have a good time with my friends worrying about what she is doing. She hasn't done anything out of line in regards to making me feel this way. There have been a few issues with x-boyfriends that she assures me have no hold in her life. She says she is committed to me, why isn't that enough to free me from these terrible feelings of anxiety? Anxious in Glendora

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