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Good day,

You probably get hundreds of these a day, but I'll take a shot anyway. Ok, I'll start with I'm an 18 yr. old male in Canada who fell in love with a girl via e-mail where I worked this summer. I worked desining webpages for small rural communities. There was a site for others across Canada that held the same position. I met a girl, and have had lots of e-mail talks with her as well as on the telephone. I live in BC, she lives in Manitoba. I'v never even seen what she looks like, but I don't care, she is a beutiful person on the inside and that is what counts for me. I know she is 17, Chinese ( I'm white, don't mater), and I'm actually thinking of buying a plane ticket. I think about her all the time and feel drawn to her. I even sent her a photo of a rose, and made the excuse of I was testing the capeabilities of my e-mail. I have no idia if she feels the same way, I have no way to aproch the topic (no good with females, but love 'em so much). I don't want to scare her off & ruin what I already have. I would gladly give it all up for just one moment of holding her (don't worry not suicidal, thats not me at all).

I just want to be with her in the worst way, It hurts when Im not talking to her. I saved all my paychecks this summer just so I could buy a computer and keep talking to her. I need some advice, I realy need a way to aproch her and conffess, that I am in love with her. Plese respond. Excuse the spelling errors.


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