Dear Two Views,

Hi, My boyfriend and I have been living together for three years now. I am 21 and he is 24 years old. We are getting married in Oct. and we just recently found out we are having a baby. We get along great and things have been running smoothly. Until now.

When I first met him he had made it very clear to me that he was still dating others. After about a month of dating him I ended sleeping over at his house and of course we slept together. I went to work and he went out. After I got off work around midnight I realized I forgot my house key at his house. I called and called and even went to his place, but no answer. At about 5am I went to his roommates girlfriends house and got his roommates key. I went back to the place and went in. When I step in the garbage was knocked over and it was clear someone had a little party. I walked into the living room find womens sunglasses, shoes and coat. I ran out slamming the door and waking them up. I was so upset I went out of state for two days. When I returned we talked and I did realize that he had been straight with me from the first day. It still hurt for a while though. Months later I put it out of my mind and moved in with him.

But now for some reason I can't stop thinking about it. I know he has never been with anyone else since that night. I also trust him more then anyone or I wouldn't be making these big steps. But why can't I get this female out of my head? I keep picturing him with her. I keep thinking I am sleeping in the same bed that he slept with her in. Why now do I think of all this? I mean he was engaged to someone for two years before me and they slept in the same bed, that doesn't bother me. Maybe it was because it was a one night stand with this female and I think at first I thought of him as cheap and a male slut.

I am not worried he will cheat on me and I am not angry with him. I am angry that after 3 years I am still stuck on this. Any advice on how I can move past this? I need to work on what we have now and our future. I need to remove this from my every thought first.


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