Dear Two Views,

Please bear with me I am very new to this means of seeking advice, but I would appreciate some input. I am a twenty-eight year old, seperated father of one. I was dating a woman for just over a year and a half, when she told me she was having difficulty accepting my six year old son. I understand her issues and agreed to remain in her life as a friend to help her as she takes the time to have her issues dealt with on a more professional level. In the mean time, I have a friend that I have known for over ten years. She is smart and beautiful, witty and fun to be with, but we have only ever been friends. My son has taken a real liking to her and I suddenly see that, not only is she good with him, but she is absolutly perfect for me. We have all the same interests and have shared our lives openly without secrets since we became friends. I do not want to hurt the girl I was seeing by rushing into a relationship with someone, and I do not want to lose the friend I have by creating an awarkness that has never been there before. What is the best way to handle these feelings that I am experiencing.

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