Dear Two Views,

I have a problem with my now ex-boyfriend. During the last part of the relationship, things were going really badly. Actually, for the past few years things have been going badly, but the thing is that I can't seem to get over the good parts. The way he used to hold me and kiss me and how we always used to go places together. I love him so much. He really did become my best friend over time, but now when I try to call him, he's really REALLY mean to me. It's like he transformed into this monster and I just want my friend back who I love so much. I was really worried about him, so I finally found a way to contact him, and he was fine with it at first, but then the next day he just flipped out on me. I feel really terrible. He means so much to me, or at least he did. If I lost him as a friend as well as a boyfriend, then it will make me very sad. I tried to talk to him like a normal person, but he just cusses me out and tells me how he doesn't care anymore. What do you think is going on?

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