Dear Two Views,

When I was 15, I had a boyfriend who I loved so dearly- we were very much in love, but by the time we were graduating from high school, I became deeply troubled because of family problems (my father's unfaithfulness), I guess I probably became bitter & not trusting, I could not even open up to him from shame. Out of the blue, my boyfriend dropped me like a piece of dirty linen- I was so hurt, I did not even try to patch things up, it has taken me so long to get over the hurt, I thought I would be forever in love with him, but thankfully, after 15 years, I am now married to a wonderful, loving man. My only problem is, I keep on dreaming about this other guy, even when I do not think of him, & it bothers me a lot because it brings the past, & all the hurt come back like fresh wound. I have started talking to my ex ,on a friendly note, nothing personal, he just got married last January, but we never talk about the past, like the "we", we were before do not exist,I really do not mind, but one thing I would like is to talk to him about it, why he hurt me , which was so out of character, being that I felt I knew him so well. Please give me some advice- will it make sense to dig up the past for my peace of mind, I want to resolve this conflict within me, I feel like I'm betraying my husband, lastly, I do not want to hurt anybody especially his wife.I do not want him back, but I want to have my questions answered ? Thank you very, very much. Happy Mother's Day (if it applies)

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