Dear Two Views,

I live in Japan and my boyfriend of 4 years lives in America. I plan to return home for good next year in August. I recently went to the Philippines and cheated on my boyfriend. I discussed it with my best friend, she told me not to tell him. But I decided to tell him anyway. Honesty has always been very important to me, besides I respect my boyfriend. I thought we would be able to work things out, but he said to me on the phone that he never wanted to talk to me again. If I write him any letters he will return to sender, etc. I really thought I loved him but I guess if I did this, I don't. This is the first time I have ever cheated on him...on anyone for that matter. I thought this was the guy I was going to marry, but he wants nothing to do with me. I guess I am looking for some advice...I am not sure about what, anything is ok.

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