Dear Two Views,


My boss has assigned me to work with several others on developing a new computer system for our division, and then possibly for other divisions in our company. I am having the hardest time because the other 2 members on this project have just ignored me completly. They will not return my calls or memos. After several weeks I finally got to see a demo and when I made any comments or suggestions, I was told that the system is complete and no changes will be made. I told my boss of my frustrations and he told me not to come running to the boss when I have a problem, dont be a whiner, and just "take care of it". (This is the first time in almost four years that I discussed a problem with him.) This is very frustrating as I am the primary user of the system and the demo I''ve seen is absolutely horrible and unworkable. I have been searching for some sort of advice as to how do I work on a team with people who are not team players. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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