Dear Two Views,

This is the dilemma,at work we have a manager who is held with the highest of esteem amongst the higher ups. She is a totally different person to the staff. She cannot be trusted,she willfully promotes gossip, starts discord,and her sis-in-law works with us,and she favors her over the staff, that is she gets good schedules, and is privy to confidential info., about the rest of the staff.We all really resent her because she isn't even a likeable person, not to mention the manager clues her in on who to harass, and she does a good job of it. I have been on this job 8 yrs. and have seen alot of unfairness, but this situation has the whole staff perplexed, because we feel, there is no solution to this problem. to make matters worse, there are 4 more people in this click, who are privy to confidential info. and they keep the unit buzzing with gossip. This is a large work place in the medical field, and the rest of the staff feel, all basically agree that somrthing should be done but we see no clear answer. please don"t say go to her Sup. Been there - Done that no good, they are really tight. At this point we all have ulcers over the situation and hate to go to work. Jobs are not easy to find here, and we can't afford to quit. Do you have any suggestions for us?

thanks for listening,


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